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When in Wien

Vienna (or Wien) was mostly a place to break up the trip from Prague/Cesky Krumlov to Budapest. People told us it was pretty, there are a lot of famous composers from there, and it cut an eight-hour bus trip in half. We spent just a couple of days and nights there. We walked for eight or nine hours the full day we had trying to make a good loop around the major sights. The historic center of Vienna has all of the fabulous, decorative buildings that you would expect of a major European city. It also has a ton of museums and a strong coffeehouse culture. We found one with couches and accidentally took a little nap in one! We also admired some street art (I see Space Invader everywhere since watching “Exit through the Gift Shop”), saw the house where Mozart livedgaped at the awesome St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and toured the lovely Naschmarket, where you can sip wine, buy tulips, or greatly expand your vinegar collection. I don’t think we gave Vienna enough time to get a feel for whether it is a great city. It was beautiful but it didn’t feel as alive and warm as many of the places we’ve been. I would like to go back and spend more time with Vienna’s title as the “City of Music” someday, but our penultimate country of the year was shouting at us to hurry up so we could slow down.

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